Healith is a healthcare market, visual network, and engagement platform where diagnosis specific resources from across the continuum of care can be found with a few clicks.

Healith breaks down industry silos and removes the obstacles to identifying and connecting with needed healthcare resources, empowering consumers to confidently address all their health and medical needs.

Healit's mission is to resolve the fragmentation of healthcare information across the industry, improve access to needed health services, help reduce disparities in the ability to find information, and create an engagment platform where stakeholders can easily connect based on shared goals and interests.


Where does the directory content come from? From the healthcare organizatios and providers directly.

How are search results ranked? Based on matches to the search criteria. The more criteria match, the higher in the search results ranking. Healit is also working to incorporate publically available quality data in the search results.

Can content providers pay to promote their information in search result rankings? Yes, but promotions are labeled.

Does Healit have ads? Yes, but they are labeled and we try to the number of ads low.