About Healit

What is Healit?

Healit is a health search tool, network, and communication platform where resources from across the continuum of care are mapped by condition.

What does it do?

Healith removes the obstacles to identifying and connecting with the right healthcare resources by streamlining the search process around specific conditions.

Why Healit?

After endless searches using different terms and scouring through pages of results, I was still not able to find useful information for a recent diagnosis a loved one had recieved. Information was not relevant, out dated, or difficult to navigate. I thought, we should be able to find everything related to a condition in a few easy clicks. The information should be up to date and presented in an easy to follow format. The idea for Healit started here.


Healit's mission is to reduce health disparities, improve outcomes, and leverage the full potential of collaboration across the industry.


To be the trusted tool for finding and connecting with healthcare resources.


Where does the directory content come from?

Directly from healthcare organizatios and providers.

How are search results ranked?

Based on matches to the search criteria. The more criteria match, the higher in the search results ranking. Healit is also working to incorporate publically available quality results in rankings.

Can content providers pay to promote their information in search result rankings?

No, results are ranked by relevance to the search criteria.

Is a certain or multiple healthcare companies paying for Healit?

No, we're a boostrapped startup.