A health search tool, healthcare network, and communication platform that digitally maps resources from across the continuum of care by condition.

Healit removes the obstacles to identifying and connecting with the right healthcare resources by streamlining the search process around specific conditions.

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The problem

The healthcare system is vast and complex, teeming with millions of valuable innovations, resources, and information designed to improve well-being. However, the sheer volume and complexity of this information can be overwhelming for individuals seeking guidance. Information is fragmented across the internet, and when using search engines, consumers are confronted with an avalanche of results, making it difficult to discern which resources are up to date, trustworthy, and relevant to their specific needs. A solution is needed to streamline the search process, enhance information access, and facilitate a clearer understanding of relevance and usability.

The solution

Healit is a transformative solution addressing the challenges faced by consumers in their search for healthcare information. As a healthcare search tool and care pathway map, Healit has a patent on how it changes the way individuals navigate the intricate landscape of their health journey.

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Streamlined process

Consumers can swiftly locate and access the most relevant resources tailored to their specific condition at every stage of their healthcare journey. This streamlined process sidesteps the frustration of sifting through irrelevant search results and empowers individuals with actionable insights and guidance.

Valuable tools

Healit's unique care pathway mapping serves as a valuable tool for healthcare providers, fostering stronger physician-patient relationships. This digital mapping of treatment plans not only aids in comprehending the journey ahead but also alleviates patient stress, ensuring a smoother and more informed healthcare experience.

Bridging the gap

Healit bridges the gap between the complexities of healthcare information and the individuals seeking it, offering a comprehensive and accessible solution that enriches their journey to well-being.


Where does the directory content come from?

Directly from healthcare organizations and providers.

How are search results ranked?

Based on matches to the search criteria. The more criteria match, the higher in the search results ranking. Healit is also working to incorporate publically available quality results in rankings.

Can content providers pay to promote their information in search result rankings?

No, results are ranked by relevance to the search criteria.

Is a certain or multiple healthcare companies paying for Healit?

No, we're a bootstrapped startup.

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